Did you enjoy working alongside Melissa McCarthy and Kristin Bell?
Yes, of course. It was so much fun. They are both so kind and such amazing actors. We had such a fun story line with the Darnell’s Darlings and as silly as it got, there was also so much heart to the movie. Kristen and I hit it off right away and our mother/ daughter bond was very real. She and I were both born in Michigan so we had a Michigan bond as well. Melissa is not only so so funny, but, she is one of the sweetest people I have met in my entire life. She is, of course, is an improv master from her time at the groundlings...I had always wanted to take a class at the Groundling Theater in Los Angeles, but I was not old enough (you have to be 11 and I was 10) and so I got the best groundlings master class ever working with her for 2 months!

Who’s on the top of your list of stars to work with? If you can work with anyone in the world? 

Oh gosh, that is a hard question. There are so many people I hope to work with someday. To be honest, after I saw the movie Room, I have become obsessed with Brie Larson...I hope I get to work with her one day...and Will Ferrell...yep... Will Ferrell too.

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Author: Stella Roman
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