photographed by MICHAEL CREAGH

by MICHAEL CREAGH creative director STELLA ROMAN styled by SOPHIA BONNY
makeup up by Nicole Rez  hair by Darlene Juhasz Retoucher Doctor Raw

Walking on sweet, I had expected to see a bubbly young Disney channel kid excited to get all dressed up. What I found was quite the opposite, not that she was not excited or happy, but Jenna Ortega held a certain maturity about her. She sat in the makeup chair, legs crossed and held perfectly still as the hair stylist made small talk. I greeted mom, Natalie first who smiled and returned my Thank You for being here. I turned and said Hello to Jenna and she immediately perked up with a big smile and said Hi. I asked how she liked New York so far and she replied “I love it! So excited to be here!”

We spoke a bit more before sending her off to wardrobe but I’ll leave all that good stuff for later. After dressing she came out ready to rock her shoot. The once quiet girl, who sat in the makeup chair seeming to be thinking over her next big move to take the industry by storm, completely came out of her shell surprising us all! We sat amazed that every pose and subtle change in stance gave the perfect shot. Fitting is my story to actual life as mom says “She is made for this”. She truly is! The whole team could tell she was more comfortable in front of the camera than anything else. The moment the camera laid lens on her was a match made in Posh heaven.

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