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It is officially Spring and the temps are sloooowly warming up. This means that it is time once again to stop and smell the roses and enjoy what is happening outside. Spring also means spring break! So here are some ideas that you might want to add to your plans that week.

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Dumbo Brooklyn: Now officially an NYC destination by the water and only one stop from downtown Manhattan. Adults and kids will find something to do here from Jane's Carousel, the Pirate ship Playground or rock climbing, to brunch at Cecconi's or The Osprey. Stroll through Empire stores, take the elevator to the top and enjoy the view and grab coffee at Feed. Or simply sit by the water and take lots of Instagram worthy photos.


 (Hudson Yards/archpaper)

Hudson Yards: Newly opened and renowned for its artwork throughout the entire shopping area, you will find everything here from galleries, florists, clothes, and restaurants. Outside you will be awestruck by the hive-shaped tower that will offer amazing views west. 


 (Tarrytown House Estate/tripadvisor)

Hotel Getaway: If you feel like escaping the city why not try one of the many hotels less than an hour away that have a pool. Kiddos get to splash around while you get a workout in or relax in the jacuzzi. Some offer tennis and basketball courts, or you could just have a walk sans a skyscraper view. A couple of options include The Tarrytown Doubletree, Tarrytown House Estate, and The Glencove Mansion.

Whatever you decide to do, it will be fabulous because you won't be weighed down by your heavy winter coat! Get outside and enjoy.

Happy Spring!


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We recently discovered the most adorable way for your child to have their favorite stuffed animal with them whenever they need a cuddle. The product is called Cubcoats. It is a stuffed animal that when unwrapped, becomes a warm and cozy hoodie that your child will want to wear all the time.

The stuffy material is a super soft hypo-allergenic fleece and the hoodie is fully lined. Made with premium materials that are ethically sourced, they are machine washable and dryer safe. Your child can choose their favorite from a Kitty, Puppy, Tiger, Bear, and a Fox, and even some iconic characters like Mickey Mouse. Sizes run from 2-8 and all boxes come with a special gift and stickers. 

Unwrap a cozy sweatshirt that is also a cuddly friend! Find them here at



I was born with a need to explore and see the world. It is no surprise I married a man from another country and our daughter is bilingual. I have always felt that it is so important to travel and experience different cultures, and passing this curiosity to our kids will expand their minds. 

We have discovered Little Passports, a service for children that brings far away places to your doorstep. This service is an interactive, educational and entertaining way to introduce culture to your children. The monthly kits are full of information, souvenirs, and activities spotlighting places around the world! You can shop by age or experience and choose a monthly subscription for 6 or 12 months, to suit your needs. 

You can start by exploring the USA first. In the USA Edition, each month your child will learn about two states when their Little Passports box arrives with their name on it. A wall-sized map and a USA field guide are included in the first box. It's full of stickers, postcards, and fun activities.

If you choose the World Edition, you will receive a box from a different country each month. It will include games, art, and info about that country that will make learning about the new place super fun. It comes with their own passport and even souvenirs! 

They have even created a Science Expedition subscription for the older kids ages 9+. Kids get their own science experiment kit. Each month their box will include new and exciting hands-on experiments such as making a solar car or solving a mystery with fingerprints and DNA!

Each box includes pen pals Sofia and Sam to make the experience more personal, and online extras! The creators have partnered with parents and educators to develop these award-winning products, guaranteeing a great experience. Grandparents and relatives will find this to be a great gift idea and it has been proven by the children themselves how much they love these boxes and look forward to learning about a new place each month.

You can check out Little Passports and more boxes to get a box for your little traveler here:



If you are in the market for something more than a stroller to cart your kiddies around this season, consider the Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon. This stroller wagon was designed to meet the needs of today's busy and active parents who are out and about with lots to carry.

The Keenz 7S combines the best aspects of a stroller with those of a wagon to meet the demands of parents who are on the go. It has two 5 point harnesses, stroller certification, and is allowed in amusement parks and zoos!

You can safely transport two children and it can be pushed or pulled. This stroller wagon has ample space for all your park and picnic needs. Going to the beach or a sporting event is made easier and more efficient. The 7S has different aspects that make it the go-to outdoor stroller with accessories like a cooler, canopy, storage bag, and cover. The stroller can also be easily folded and weighs just 32lbs. The 7S has also gotten rave reviews from fur baby parents.

So strap your kids in for a fun and functional ride! You will be sure to use this wagon way past the stroller years! Check them out and learn more here:



It is such an exciting time when your baby can finally start enjoying solid foods! I remember researching what her first meal should be, looking at first meal cookbooks and looking up how to make baby food at home. Whatever you decide to feed your baby, they will certainly need a vessel in which to eat out of. Enter Miniware, an eco-friendly tableware line for kids aged 4 months and up. 

Products range from the Teething Spoon set, to the First Bites set, and up to Healthy Meals set. These sets are fun and functional with interchangeable parts for different ages and meals. These sets were designed to help children learn to self-feed. Some features include:

  • "An 'easy scoop' 90-degree bowl and cutlery design for easy self-feeding."
  • "A larger size that gives self-feeders more room to maneuver"
  • "A detachable suction foot that reduces spills and comes off easily when the child no longer needs it."
  • "Stackability for easy storage."

Combined with the Miniware cutlery sets, babies and small children will master self-feeding easily while developing their muscle control and balance. 

For parents, the style is aesthetically pleasing because of the color palette to choose from, and their stackable design using minimal kitchen space. The entire line is made from plant-based material like bamboo fiber and is dishwater safe. Miniware also has waterproof travel bags which makes eating on the go easier and less messy. 

There are never any chemicals used in manufacturing so they are a great alternative as we veer away from plastics.

Miniware can help make mealtime less stressful for the whole family while also being a more health conscious and environmentally safe choice. Check out their website for lots of options and more info!