New Amsterdam in one of my favorite shows this season.  This episode like the others was an emotional rollercoaster that made have to tell people that "dust got in my eyes" to cover up the tears running down my face. The part of this episode that made me choose to write about it was, other than the overall amazing ongoing storyline of this show was the love of a father for his daughter and a selfless act that touch my soul and me wonder how many people would do the same thing.
    First, let me say, this is a major spoiler alert. If you have not seen this episode and you do not want to know about it in advance, don't read any further. I would want you to enjoy it as I did.

    Ok, now let's talk about this episode. It started with the team of New Amsterdam setting up do chain transplant surgery. Each patient had a family member who would donate to another family, and this would happen in a transplant circle so all patient would be able to get the transplant that the needed. One of the patient's family member who was going to donate decided against it because she is not close with her brother and was worried that she wouldn't be able to take of her kids.

    When all seems lost, a ray of hope showed up in the New Amsterdam emergency room. A father bought his daughter into the ER for extreme pain. The father was worried that they would not get help because both he and his daughter are undocumented immigrants. The doctor in the ER assured him that they would take care of them and he has "nothing worry about."

    After examination, the doctors of New Amsterdam realizes that the little girl is in dire need of a lung transplant, but the father was not a match, but he was a match for one of the patients in the transplant circle. Without hesitation, he said yes because it would save his daughter life. All the doctors needed is to get another family member from one of the patients in the circle to make a direct donation of a piece of their lung to his daughter. Twenty people came forward and offered their lungs to help save his daughter.

    The show could have ended there, but the real emotional part was just about to unveil itself. The little girl started to crash and became too week to undergo the transplant surgery. The doctors of New Amsterdam thought the transplant circle was not going to happen because who would give up part of their organs not knowing that their love ones may not be able to have the surgery and get the transplant donation they needed. Turns out the dad, who was so moved because of all the people who came forward to donate part of their lung to save his daughter, he decided to continue with the transplant fully knowing that his daughter may not be able to get the transplant she needs to survive.

    This made me wonder, how many people would selflessly do something for someone, without nothing in turn? Is this just a TV storyline and would not happen in real life? The thought and selfless act of that one character is not a fictional act. Many people have done unexpected acts of kindness for strangers because it is the right thing to do. I know it is hard to see these acts of kindness, but I have been the witnessed, to many great acts of kindness. If you search, you will find videos of many great people that have done selfless acts for people they do not know, such as, Jumping on the train tracks to save someone who had fallen on it or climbing a building to save a baby that was barely hanging from a ledge. Let me not start with the everyday heroes who put their life on the line to protect us such as; Fire Fighters, Police and soldiers.

    When the time comes, will you be able to step up? I hope when the times comes, I am one of those people. We will never know until that moment of need arises. I also must add, the episode ended great. All the transplants were completed with no more problems and while the father was under, his daughter body because strong enough to have the transplant surgery. It was such a great episode. If you have not watched it, go to HULU and watch it. You will be happy you did.

If you witness a modern day hero, let me know. Leave me a comment below.