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We’re officially in August, and some families are no doubt trying to squeeze in a Disney trip before it’s time to go back to school. August can be a hit or miss time of the year, it’s blazing hot, but the crowds aren’t as bad. But sometimes it seems like everyone decided to go to Disney world at the same time as you! Obviously it would take too long for me to list all the great rides and attractions, but here are the ones I think are must, must, must, MUST do rides to put on the top of your to-do list.


 The Haunted Mansion — Great for the kids who like to get spooked just a little. It’s a classic Disney ride and it’s just so much fun. The effects still hold up after so many years, and it’s a lengthy enough ride. It’s humorous, it has a story to uncover, and it’s an all-around great experience that you’d be crazy for skipping. It’s something that kids AND adults can have fun on.


 Flight of Passage — This. Is. An. Experience. It utilizes smell and other senses to simulate the feeling of riding on a flying creature, while soaring through the beautiful land of Pandora. It doesn’t matter whether your kids know what Avatar is; they’re going to love this ride. If your family is a fan of Epcot’s Soarin’, this is a must-do.


 Splash Mountain — Whether you’re in Disney World, or Disneyland, this ride is one of the fun ways to cool down and get out of the sun. This water ride is lengthy, full of charming characters, and ends on a great song. The final plunge down is super fun and a great way to cool down. Prepare to get wet!


 Incredicoaster — This one is new, so prepare for the wait time and crowds. Fans of California Screamin’ are sure to get the same amount of enjoyment out of this ride. The Incredicoaster has a story: Catch Jack-Jack. It’s pretty hard to do a story on a fast paced coaster, but they managed to do it. Watch the whole super family try to catch the little troublemaker as you zoom by. The effects are charming and best seen at night. It’s great fun for all ages.


 Fantasmic — Probably one of the best (if not the best) nighttime show Disney has at its parks. Follow Mickey and multiple Disney characters as you watch exciting dream scenarios on stage, water projections, and fireworks. The Maleficent Dragon is a sight to see. It’s a great show, and a great way to end the night.


 Kilimanjaro Safari — Your little animal lover will love the safari. Everyone loves seeing animals up close, especially animals you’ve never seen in person. You never really get how big a giraffe is until you’re up close and personal with one. The one thing about this attraction is that the amount of enjoyment you’ll get out of it depends on how active the animals are. You’ll want to go when the weather is at its best, when they’re most likely to be out and about.

Now I know I missed a ton of rides and attractions, but these are the ones I think are just must-sees for kids and families, and especially first timers.

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