Yesterday on Instagram, country music icon, Carrie Underwood, announced her new tour to promote her upcoming album, Cry Pretty. And the reason the tour starts in May?  She’s pregnant with her second child! Congratulations to Carrie and Mike Fisher! In celebration, I wanted to take a look at some of the most memorable celebrity baby reveals.

First up, we have none other than Queen B.  (photo: Jeff Kravitz)

When Beyoncé was first pregnant with Blue Ivy, she announced it in front of millions at the 2011 VMAs. In true Beyoncé fashion, after performing “Love on Top,” she literally dropped the mic and unbuttoned her blazer, revealing a baby bump.

I also have to hand it to Beyonce for breaking the Internet with the announcement of her twins in an iconic Instagram photo-shoot. She looked absolutely stunning. (photo: @beyonce) 

Kylie Jenner’s baby announcement was another memorable one; one that was recorded and documented with so much care.  (via Youtube)

Even though technically, news broke out about her pregnancy in September last year, it was never officially revealed by Kylie herself until February. She released a beautiful, 11-minute documentary-style video that shared an intimate look at her emerging into motherhood despite being so young. Only Kylie could steal the spotlight on Super Bowl Sunday.

Jessica Simpson’s 2011 reveal was a creative one.  (photo: @jessicasimpson)

She celebrated the spooky season of Halloween by revealing that she was going to be a “mummy.” Rumors and speculations were confirmed when she tweeted a photo of herself dressed head to toe as a mummy.

Cardi B showcased her baby bump for the first time during her SNL performance of “Be Careful” earlier this year.  (photo: Will Heath/NBC)

Again, there were already rumors going around, but no word from Cardi B until this iconic performance. She chose to take a stand in theme with her album “Invasion of Privacy,” by announcing her pregnancy on her own terms while fighting back the tabloids.

And Lastly, we can't forget Carrie Underwood's first pregnancy reveal in 2014.(photo: @carrieunderwood)

She took advantage of Labor Day and posted a “punny” photo onto Instagram. Her two dogs were wearing adorable baby reveal shirts in honor of “Labor” Day. Congrats to Carrie on her second bundle of joy!

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