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TANIKA HERNANDEZ: How does it feel to be only 10-years-old and have landed two fantastic films, High School: The Worst Years of my Life and Fist Fight?
ALEXA NISENSON: Well, it feels amazing and sometimes it doesn’t even feel real! There are so many talented girls out there, so it mostly feels like a tremendous honor and privilege. My life is definitely exciting these days, and I’m so grateful!

TH: Was it exciting landing these roles and how was the audition for these movies?
AN: Yes! It was beyond exciting. Getting the calls that I booked these movies are days I will never forget! You sometimes dream of those phone calls. Having it happen was amazing. The audition for both of these movies were some of my favorites. “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life” started as a taped audition and then a meeting with the director and producers. I knew the day I met that group that it was a movie that was going to be special. For “Fist Fight,” it was a similar audition. I remember going to my first wardrobe fitting after booking it and meeting our director Richie Keen for the first time. Ally Campbell was a once in a lifetime kind of role, so I was already on cloud nine. After sitting and talking to Richie for a while, I was totally overwhelmed at how amazing he was and how lucky I was to be working with him and this incredible cast.

TH: Between the two characters you played in both movies, Georgia and Ally, which one can you relate to the most and which one did you enjoy? Tell us about each.
AN: Oh wow! Well, I did love playing both of those roles. I honestly am so lucky because both “Georgia” (Middle School...) and “Ally” (Fist Fight) are characters I connected to and was so fortunate to get to play. I think I am probably more like Georgia in personality, but I relate more to Ally when it comes to family and the bond she has with her mom and dad. Georgia and I both are very energetic, fun and protective of people we love, but it was interesting playing Georgia. I had to really understand her family and where she was coming from when it came to them. With Ally, I used my real-life experiences as I am super close with my parents. She was more challenging when it came to personality! Ally has some shyness about her and struggles dealing with girls in school so it was really cool getting to play that kind of role.

TH: We saw you drive in the movie, did you really drive the car in on set? That must have been exciting?
AN: I loved my driving scenes. They were a blast to film! I really was in the car driving but of course had the help of a stunt crew! Because we weren’t being towed and the car was actually being driven on a live street, I couldn’t do it all by myself. We will call it movie magic! Lol! The scene where I take Bear’s car was so fun to film! I got to do stunts for the first time!!



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