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Christina Milian & Violet Madison Nash, are "The" Hollywood Mother/Daughter Duo. Christina and Violet's relationship, is far beyond just mother and daughter. You can see the great interaction between them both, all over social media outlets. Violet is your typical seven years old little girl, that is full of life and enjoys spending time with her mom. The Hollywood mom, who has managed to be an inspirational mother, and has been able to maintain a very successful career throughout the years. I have followed her phenomenal career for years and I was thrilled to know, that I would have the opportunity to interview Christina. Once I got on the phone with Christina, it felt as if, I was talking to a friend that I have known for years. She was just a sweet and down to earth person. As we started the interview, I was looking forward to talking about her new projects, how she’s accomplishing being a successful mom in the industry, taking part in the upcoming LA Fashion Week, and who is warming her heart these days.

TH - Hi Christina, how are you?
CM - I'm fine, thanks for asking. How are you?

TH - I'm doing well. I want to first thank you so much for taking off your time to do this interview with us. We really appreciate it.
CM - It's not a problem, we had a great time doing the shoot as well.

TH - That's awesome! I was able to preview some of the photos and you guys look totally adorable, just so cute! Looks like you both had a lot of fun.
CM - Yes. We definitely enjoyed it… and it was funny, because at the beginning Violet was being a typical 7 year old, since she doesn't do this type of stuff all the time. So, at the beginning she was being really funny, but once she got into the mood she was very relaxed and just having fun. I like to see her in her zone and having fun.

TH- That’s so cool, I’m so glad you guys had a great experience. It was our goal to have you both do this shoot together and most importantly, have fun doing it together and not have it feel like work, but just having fun. And the images came out beautifully.
​CM- Yeah… the pictures were coming out so nice, I can’t wait to see them all.

TH- How do you find a balance between being a successful business woman, and being a mom?
CM-Hmm, praying- just praying to God, that I’m doing the right thing and taking the opportunities as they come, but making sure I keep a balance between work and my family. That's always been my number one thing- growing up anyway, so to me, making the most of your time is the most important thing. There are people who are around their children 24/7, but aren’t really spending that quality time with them. They don’t really talk to their kids, or they even forget the kids are even there, and they don’t want to do the type of stuff the kids want to do. So, I make sure I spend quality time with my daughter and get as much done while Violet is at school, so as to not take away from her time. Even though,  the work day doesn’t really end until about 5 or 6pm when it comes to business. And if there is more work that needs to be done, I’m set up where my family is able to help me, if I need to do anything afterwards or handle business. I’m very lucky that I have my family to help me and keep me balanced when it comes to that.

TH- So, we know that you have just become a new aunt. Congratulations, he’s totally adorable!
CM- Thank you, he’s so cute.​

TH- So, is that giving you baby fever? Because the smell of a new baby can be dangerous….
CM- Oh man, there are moments, I think even Violet gets baby fever, because she has even said to me, "I want a baby brother or sister— doesn’t matter what I get, I just want a baby.” So, I’m like… okay, I’ll work on that really soon. So, I’m like, the pressure is coming from her because she wants one, but she has brothers and a sister from her dad's side. But a lot of the time she’s with me, especially during the school year, she's with me and kind of wants to have her own sibling to claim to be her own. But honestly, my nieces and my nephews are all very close, so they're like brothers and sisters for real.

TH - That's great! That can definitely help with buying you some time.
CM - YES! Just a little bit of time, just a little….

TH - So, is there anyone warming your heart these days?​
CM- Hmm, you can say that. (laughs) Technically you can say, I started dating again, after some time, and you can say, I have grown fond of this particular person. I’m getting to know them and it's fun, and it's cool, and nice to be free to rest your time and worries with someone outside of work and family, and just have a companion.


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