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Tony Dungy, a former NFL Player, Super Bowl Coach, a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and now NBC sports analyst, is teaming up with his wife, Laura Dungy, to write a series of children’s picture books that encourage good morals and teamwork through playing sports. Team Dungy wants to inspire children to practice good sportsmanship, and healthy competition. The first of these books, Austin Plays Fair, I got to read and check out.

It’s about a little boy named Austin who plays on a junior football team and just wants to win one game for once, even being told to cheat by one of his teammates. The book goes through the importance of playing fair and being honest when you know you’re doing something wrong. These may be lessons that we know and have been taught many, many times, but they’re still important. Children from first to third grade are the perfect age group for these books.

The series officially kicks off on August 7th with Austin Plays Fair, and Maria Finds Courage.



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