Kristina Pimenova

Posh Kids Magazine got to learn more about who Kristina Pimenova is besides all of the fame that is coming her way in such short amount of time. From her busy schedule, her mother Glikeriya, who also manages her daughter’s social media network sites, gave me the opportunity to interview Kristina. It was an interview that showed that no matter how young you are- humbleness and caring for others is what matters the most. Kristina is a young girl that expresses herself very well and has an old soul that allows her to find comfort in things like classical music and the arts.

[ANNY MEJIA] How do you feel about modeling?
[KRISTINA PIMENOVA] I like it very much, yeah, I like it because first of all you get to meet people, travel around places, and I actually have a lot of friends because of modeling.

[AM] What is one of the most interesting shoots that you have done?
[KP] Ummm, you know I have ones in really good locations, with a big crew and it’s really creative stuff. I don’t really have one but I have a lot of shoots that are like that and they are all my favorites.

[AM] Basically they are all your favorite?
[KP] The ones that are my favorite are the ones with really good locations- an old fashioned house or at the beach. There’s a huge crew and it’s like really creative, not just changing clothes.

[AM] So, you like how everyone puts a little bit of everything to make this photoshoot interesting and make it you?
[KP] Yes, like teamwork.

[AM] Is teamwork something that you do when you’re in school?
[KP] Yes, we do a lot of projects and work together.

[AM] How do you feel when you’re on the runway?
[KP] Very excited- I love it! It’s like a photoshoot but it’s all squeezed into ten minutes and there’s a lot of people around and everybody is watching. And there’s music, how you walk. I love walking the runway!

[AM] You’ve mentioned earlier that with modeling you have traveled to many different places. Do you have a favorite destination so far?
[KP] So far I’ve traveled to many places and all of them are amazing and lovely, but I thought very hard and I think it’s Italy because, first of all, the food- it’s very pretty there, for example, we’ve been to Florence. I really like it there, they have a lot of picturesque, lots of painters live there, museums, old villages, and it’s very pretty there.

[AM] Wow, Florence!

[AM] With the holidays that are coming up, what’s the worst Christmas gift that you have ever received?
[KP] I think there’s no such thing as a worst gift because somebody has put kindness on a gift for you to make you happy. So I don’t think there is. I’ve never thought of a bad gift because every gift- I like it, even if somebody just gives me a card, like a normal card, for me I like it.

[AM] You’re right about that- when a person gives you a gift they
are putting their mind into it,

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Author: Anny Mejia
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