Javi and Lincoln

Tanika Hernandez: Hi, how are you doing?!
Javi Marroquin - Hi, I am Good. Just got out of work.

TH: So, Teen Moms is back on, and it’s airing a very difficult time in your life. Is there anything you wish MTV did not air that was aired?
JM: I wouldn’t say I wish that they wouldn’t air it. If I could go back in time and address all these situations differently, I definitely would. At that time, I was angry. I was an angry person. So it was hard for me coming home. It was an adjustment. And I think I could have handled it a lot better than what I did.

TH: That’s a fair enough answer because as they are filming, you are reacting on how you feel at that moment. Then as time goes on, you're able you start to wish they were recording you now being that you’re in a such a better place now.
JM: Exactly, everything was still raw and still so new, and I was in a bad place.

TH: But of course, for TV the timing was perfect. It was just not a good time for you guys.
JM: Yeah, but it can go both ways because at the same time the fan get to see the raw emotions and they get to see what we were really going through so it has its pros and cons.

TH: That is true, so how does it feel reliving that rough time all over again?
JM: Reliving everything makes it ten times harder, just because you’re over all these situations, and you’re in a better place. Now that we’re reliving it you would get opinions on social media, and you get other people’s perspective and their views, and it just opens up a whole other can of worms that you really don’t want. But I mean that’s what we signed up for. And so, it is what it is. You just have to find a way to deal with it.

TH: What do you think being on the show and having all your marriage issues being so public played a significant role in the end of your marriage?
JM: I think, well, this is what I tell everyone. I believe that it adds stress. Yes. I mean you know you’re filming these long seasons. I mean it’s human instinct to be stressed naturally, but at the same time, MTV doesn’t hold a gun to your head. Everything that is portrayed on the show, our story, the other girl’s story, it’s our story. It’s what we say, and it’s what we do. So, they don’t have a gun to your head. So, I’m not going to attribute the show to the fail of my marriage. I think we both made decisions and some were right some were wrong and that is what ultimately lead to the end of our marriage.

TH: Now if there was a chance you can change anything that you shared during the filming what would you have changed? Like anything that you shared during filming that you were like “Man I wish I didn’t share that I really wish they didn’t show that.”?
JM: To be honest, I’m not sure. I mean deploying was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I mean like I said I wish I would have handled the situation differently but like I said, I was angry and people will really see raw emotions this season between both of us. And you know things aren’t always great. And as much as people try, and if there are any relationships out there that they try to make it seem like they’re perfect, they’re not. And I’m kind of glad people get the different side of us, even though it’s a negative side but we are human, and we do have emotions. So, it was different than what you would usually see.

TH: It’s a realistic real life situation.
JM: Exactly


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