Lizzy Greene

Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to talk with Lizzy Greene, who plays Dawn on “Lizzy Greene”. She was such a humble and “down to earth” person. She shared with me that when shopping for the holidays, she ended up being the one carrying the bags and sitting outside the stores while they shop. 

Catriona Lamerique: Hi Lizzy.
Lizzy Greene: Hi, how are you?

Catriona Lamerique: So obviously, we know that your career just began in 2013; I heard that you were selected from an audition, for a talent show.
Lizzy Greene: Yes ma’am.

CL: Ok, do you want to tell me more about that, how did that all come about?
LG: Absolutely, so when I was around 6 or 7 or actually much earlier than that, like 4 or 5, I just really was into performing in front of people and making people laugh. I really started out singing. I would do all my school talent shows and I was like, I want bigger than this. I really want to get into the theatre and acting business because I have always seen people on TV and they all look so good. It looks like such a fun job and I am a huge theatre jock, it was my favourite thing to do. So I just decided to get involved in the local theatre and that’s where I really started out for sure, 100%, that’s where I really pay all of my accomplishments, like 100%. Because that is where I first started out, at the time when I started theatre I was like 7 about to turn 8. I was getting into these really dark plays. I was playing Joseph Stalin or something like that. I just played all these really weird but really funny characters. Definitely at comedy theatre and it was all about making people laugh. The feeling of like making someone laugh when you are onstage and you get an uproar of laughter, it is literally the best feeling in the world. Nothing can top that. 100% the best thing. One day I was just doing my thing on stage, and an agent actually came to the show. She was friends with the director of all the plays and she came and she summoned me. She was like, ‘ well you’re different, I have never seen such a little kid playing these dark roles and the laughter you are getting out of this’. Of course, this was all new to me and I haven’t even done theatre for like three years and now someone wants me to audition for TV. It was literally like, a strike of lightening for me because I never expected to be up there, I only expected to continue theatre. So, I went out, I did a few auditions and eventually, I got recognised by a manager, when I was doing an audition for an agent and he said ‘you are very different, I have never seen such a small child wanting to do things like this.’ So, he signed me and I got a few auditions out in Los Angeles. One of them, which was, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, and that was everything to me because auditioning for Nickelodeon is every kid’s dream. Even auditioning for it I was insanely excited. I already felt like it was literally exciting as getting the role, being able to audition for something like that. I went into the Nickelodeon building after about 14 different auditions because you have to be the one kid they want. So, I had like 14 auditions with different amounts of people, some of them were live in front of producers and things like that. Then I got the role, incredible for me. And so, the next day we started shooting the pilot and then I flew back home and waited two months. I went back to school and back to being a totally normal kid, then two months later we realized the show got picked up. We temporally moved out to L.A in an apartment, and we had been shooting the show ever since, and it an absolute dream.

CL: I can imagine you look back and you see how far you have come.
LG: Exactly, exactly. Since then all those girls are trying to be BFF with me now, and I’m like, uhm, no thanks.

CL: Always that way, in the beginning, they want to be envious and hateful, then suddenly you become successful and you are doing so well for yourself and they turn around and say, hey.
LG: They are like, ‘hey want to have a sleepover?’ I am like no, not really.

CL: No definitely. Stay true to you.
LG: Thank you.



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