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One show that has me on an emotional rollercoaster this season is, “This Is Us.” The show, in my opinion, is by far one of the most enthusiastic, temperamental, and histrionic show to date. The storyline follows a unique ensemble, as each of their paths interchange and their life stories intertwine, from sharing the same birthday, to revealing life-altering secrets. There are so many intricate and evolving story lines. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Lonnie Chavis, who plays 9-year-old Randall. His character, has captivated everyone who watches the show, and I was beyond excited to meet him. I did my research before flying out to LA to meet him for his photo shoot, so I already knew he was an amazing kid, but I was taken aback  by meeting him. The interaction gave me a profound respect for him and I can see that the compassion of his character was not hard for him to do, since he was such a benevolent young man. With supportive parents behind him, I can tell Lonnie is going to go far.

Leslie Rodriguez: Lonnie, it was such a pleasure to have met you, and your beautiful mother, Najah, as well as your PR Sarah. This has been a surreal experience. I must say, you are definitely wise beyond your age. We spoke on many topics, but one thing you said really stuck with me, which allowed me to see how incredibly humble and genuine you are, was when you told me, “I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND BE A GOOD PERSON” and you wanted to start giving back (especially) to the less fortunate and homeless. Can you explain to me why this is so important to you?
Lonnie Chavis: Leslie, it was a pleasure meeting you! I’m grateful for this opportunity and thanks for my hot chips they were delicious! Thank you so much Leslie the pleasure was all mine, thanks for letting me shine my light!
I have a friend Khloe Thompson, she has her own charity, called Khloe Kares, and she gives bags with tooth paste, underwear, clothes, and other goods to homeless people. Khloe, is a real-life hero and she taught me that you can make a difference at any age. I want to always give back and help those that are in need for help.



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