Mackenzie Ziegler

It was noon here in NYC and I was so excited to get to be on the phone with Mackenzie Ziegler for our cover story. MacKenzie, or “Kenzie”, despite the fact that she has achieved so much in her rising career at such a young age, was so humble and such a sweetheart. I also love her giggles- no wonder she has a huge fan base that loves her!

[Anchalee Grinins] You have been dancing since you were very young. Did you find it difficult as a little girl to have to follow such tight schedule?
[Mackenzie Ziegler] It was very hard but having a mother like my mom did help a lot. She’s really good with time management and all of that.

[AG] How did you cope with that?
[MZ] It was very hard but it was fine with me. I was very little so I didn’t really know what was going on (giggles).

[AG] What was the most challenging experience that you have ever had?
[MZ] Ummm, I would say learning a dance three days every week- that was really hard for me. It was getting better after I kept doing it every week. But definitely the first week we did was very hard.

[AG] What was the most exciting news have you have had?
[MZ] Probably was when my song was number one on iTunes and I was like only nine or ten when that happened. Yeah, that was probably the most exciting news that I’ve ever gotten. I had a party with my friends and family.

[AG] You have done and succeeded in many things- dance, sing, act, model, etc. What is your favorite of them all?
[MZ] I love them all so I can’t really choose. I love them for all different reasons but definitely love them all the same.

[AG] What else do you want to do or try your hands on?
[MZ] I definitely want to try gymnastics because I feel like I would be really good at it since I tumbled in the past. Yeah, I think I’m gonna start that. I’m so excited. Well, I did it at dance but it wasn’t really like all the stuff that I wanna try.

[AG] What do you believe makes you so successful and popular?
[MZ] I would say singing or dancing because I haven’t done a lot of acting. I’m starting to get more into it but I think dancing was the (most beneficial) because of the show. I am happy with all of this and I love to interact with everyone ‘cause I feel like, I don’t know, I just love (the fans) so much and they support me so much.

[AG] What do you love to do in your free time?
[MZ] I love to hang out with my friends because, with my tight schedule, I don’t have a lot of time to do that. So I love to hang out with my friends and family.

[AG] What is your favorite memory?
[MZ] I would say watching my sister perform at the Sia concert. I was so proud of her and she’s so good. I was so happy when she was on stage.

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