McKenna Grace


Gifted is such a perfect way to describe McKenna Grace. This little star is powerhouse actress with a strong and impressive body of work and a remarkably welcoming personality to match. Even at a young age, she had already appeared on numerous TV Shows and movies. Known to many recently as, Penny Kirkman, the president’s daughter in the  ABC’s hit TV series, “Designated Survivor”. Her new movie, Gifted, where she stars opposite of Chris Evans, was widely appealing for its strong emotional content. The movie showed the versatility of this incredible young actress and how she depicted such an emotional role.

On the day of her cover shoot, everyone was excited and curious to meet her. While we were going over small details for the shoot with the team, McKenna Grace walked in with her mother and a big smile on her face. She walked around the room and made sure to greet everyone. Her personality brought a fun and playful feeling to the set and infected everyone with a contagious smile that nobody could not get rid of. It continued like this throughout the shoot, except the moment Michael Creagh, the photographer, start shooting, that’s when she switched over to being a true professional. To see the switch from this funny, carefree little girl, to a true professional actor, was truly impressive. You could see the respect from the crew deepen. The rest of the shoot was mixed with music, dancing, laughter and lite conversation. As we neared the end of the shoot, McKenna still had the same energy and pure happiness that she carried into the shoot.

Throughout the next few days, as we struggled to match schedules to get her interviewed, it was a bit rough, but we both wanted to make sure that interview was done. Finally, I got word that she was available and it matched my schedule, which got me even more excited. I was even more eager to interview her, because I got to finally see the movie a few days earlier and knowing McKenna’s personality, from the shoot, and watching her on the big screen, had me filled with tons of questions. I must know what goes on in her head, that makes her able to pour such raw emotions into this drama-filled film. It was truly astounding to know that such an amazing actress, still in her very early years, will be gracing movie goers with her talent to draw you in to believe the story she is telling in the film.




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