Where oh, where do I begin? Oh, how does time fly Christopher Robin? This biopic will not only have you speechless, but you might even shed a tear. This biopic does not only focus on the life of Christopher Robin himself, but the life of his father A.A. Milne and how their relationship developed into the childhood classic tale Winnie the Pooh. Some of us may know the story of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh, but in this film you find out much more; you find out the evaluation of Winnie the Pooh. Why are teddy bears in the forest? Why bees and honey? The writers Frank Cottrell Boyce and Simon Voughan knew exactly how to go into full details on how to explain that.

This is the story of 3 different lives, 3 different actions,with 3 different responses and 1 messages. What does happiness look like? Winnie the Pooh is one of those unforgettable classics that will live on with messages to hit every generation that is introduced to him and his furry friends. This film touches a lot of soft topics such as relationship, happiness, true love and parenting. A.A. Milne transformed an imagination into something tangled for many around the world. The story, the creation, the life of Winnie the Pooh is not just for small ones to watch, but for the whole family to enjoy.

You may laugh, you may cry, some may come out a little confused, but the question to take home is How to find something to be happy about? Can you find something to be happy about? The simplest question a child can answer, but can you find happiness in a depressing time? As parents we encourage our children to always "find the good in the bad"; that can be a challenge not only for children but for most adults and in this film A.A. Milne makes it looks so easy. He did just that. At a time of war, a time of death, a time where people were divided he created Winnie the Pooh this fictional character and his friends, a child's imagination and a father who dreamed to play write, made just that possible.

Goodbye Christopher Robin is rated PG. This film is recommended for the whole family. Bring the youngest to the oldest. The estimate time is almost 2 hours, so grab your popcorn and make your bathroom runs and get ready for a movie that may change your perceptive on not only what happiness looks like, but what it feels like. This is based on a true story so many can relate. Directed by Simon Curtis with starting acting Domhanll Gleesson, Margot Robbie, Kelly McDonald, Vicki Pepperdine and Will Tilson. This film is not only family oriented, but has a lot of science discussing history and as we know history repeats itself. 


Directed by: Simon Curtis
Written by: Frank Cottrell Boyce
Genre: Biopic, Family and History 






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