Rachel Proud: Obviously you’ve been a semi-seasoned actress for a while. Did you always want to be in acting?
Ashley Liao: The entertainment industry had always interested me. After I was told that I could not be a princess when I grew up, I was fascinated with the behind-the-scenes of movies and television and from there it took off!

RP: Did you watch Full House growing up?
AL: I did not watch it much growing up. It was not until I auditioned for it that I fell in love with the show.

RP: Who is your favorite character?
AL: Kimmy has always been my favorite! Her spunky personality and clothes, with her hilarious jokes, are some of my favorite things about her.

RP: Did anyone on the show give you advice?
AL: Right before the kissing scene in season 1, Candace gave me some advice to not be nervous about the kiss because we would just have to do it over and over again after. That advice took the pressure off the first kiss because it reminded me that we would have to do it again.

RP: Is there anyone on the show that is most like their character in real life?
AL: Elias Harger, who plays Max, is probably most like his character in real life. He is intelligent, precocious, and clever!

RP: If you went another way, which career would you want? Why?
AL: I would probably choose the medical profession. Medicine has always been something that has interested me as I love having to make decisions quickly and to be able to help people feel better.

RP: Do you take classes on set?
AL: I cannot go to traditional high school and continue to be an actress so I do online school.




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