Tanika Hernandez: Hi Thomas how are you?
Thomas Barbusca: Hi, I’m good, how are you?

TH: Good, you are in L.A. now right?
TB: Yes.

TH: Awesome and you just missed out on the nice amount of snow we had here in New York. So, we have just a few questions we want to go over with you ok?
TB: Yes.

TH: I will try to make it quickly because I know you are extremely busy, so we will just make it fun and quick and you can go on being awesome and amazing in your film stuff ok?
TB: Sounds good.

TH: Ok, so Thomas how has the holidays treated you?
TB: Great, I went home to New Jersey to my house for a little bit, I saw some of my friends, we went to the city, and we saw Hamilton which was very cool. I even put on a few pounds because of all the food they made.

TH: That’s what’s great about being so young; you can just burn it right off. Do you and your family have any holiday traditions that you guys do every year?
TB: Yeah we usually do the traditional ginger-bread house thing; I usually do it with my uncle and my cousins. On Christmas Eve my mom makes this whole fish feast thing. It’s really good, one of my favorite things. Every Christmas Day my uncle and I with my mom, will make lobster and that’s really cool.       

TH: Wow! that sounds so great, you are making me hungry right now, lobster is my absolute favorite thing to eat, so I am going to have to try that.  At what age did you get into acting and when did you know that this is something you

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