The use of animal fur and other animal products in clothing is still a hot debate in fashion. Harmful animal testing and animal cruelty remain a large morality issue not only in fashion, but in other industries as well. Nowadays, we are seeing much more of a push for vegan products. 7AM Enfant is at the forefront for completely vegan and cruelty-free winter fashion and accessories. Based in NYC, 7AM is home to products ranging from backpacks, to bunting bags for infants and toddlers. They’re proud to be PETA approved, and to be working with factories that are absolutely free of animal byproducts. Their passion for the cause of animal-free accessories no doubt comes from their passionate president and founder, Rebecca Campora.

After a confusing round of “where’s that email?” I was able to get a few answers from Rebecca about her brand:


Why choose outerwear for your brand?

When I had my first child, I found that there wasn't the most stylish and most functional baby bunting to keep my baby warm in the winter. That's when I started designing. I thought, ‘If I'm unsatisfied with the market of baby gear, I'm sure many parents are as well.’ Keeping your baby warm was my priority, and I believe that philosophy is now embedded within each product.”


Why is the company so passionate about vegan outerwear and accessories?

I truly believe that nothing justifies any kind of cruelty on anyone and needless to say on animals who will never have a voice to speak out, defend themselves, and escape from these horrific factories of death. I used to be a silent activist. As for me it wasn’t even a philosophy, it was a state of mind, an implicit fact. It turned out that it is clearly not enough; we all need to hear it and be aware of what the world is doing. It will get better, I am confident, but it requires a lot of educational information and spreading awareness. If the children had to decide, there wouldn’t be one animal factory, not one slaughterhouse. Animal products in fashion should be banned. It is just that simple. I want 7AM Enfant to be the voice of change for all animals, and I want all parents who use 7AM products to be a part of this movement. It is our way of spreading awareness to all and showing them that it is indeed possible to own a high end product without having used animal products.”


What is the price range for these items and how do they compare with non-vegan items?

They run from $15 to $193. Logically, vegan products should be less expensive. The expenses for raising and maintaining these factories and running tests on animals create [a] huge hole in the economy.”

Wherever you stand on the debate on animal products, you can’t deny that Rebecca’s strong stance and passion for the cause shines through her brand and her products. It is indeed possible to have high quality and fashionable products without harming living things, so why not? 7AM’s products can be found in stores Nordstrom, Magic Beans, and on their website: 7AMenfant.com.



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