Princess Swim Dress Line


“My daughter and her friends wanted to be the princesses, not advertise them.” This is what swimwear designer Jessica Rey said when she decided to make a new line of little girl’s swimwear titled “Princess.” These adorable swim dresses are designed and inspired by iconic princess characters like Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel. When it comes to swimwear, often the only options in regards to princesses are the character’s faces pasted onto the swimsuit. Little girls don’t want to simply show that they like the princess, they want to feel like they are the princess and with Jessica Rey’s designs they can. Whether at the beach, the pool, or even at home, little girls can prance around, sing their favorite songs, and act out their favorite scenes in their princess swim dresses. Being a princess is all about encouraging heroic and caring behavior, and being unafraid to be yourself. It’s a message that I believe in, and that Jessica Rey believes in. Being a huge hit with little girls, this can be a great gift for the holidays and can be found at



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