Posh Kids Magazine - What makes Beautiful•Button unique and in a league of its own?

Beautiful Button - That we aim to do here at Beautiful•Button is take fashion back to the way it used to be. When men were gentlemen and women were ladies. So if that's true for adults, then why not for children. So with this in mind, when we started this business, we created the phrase which we still use today; that our products are for; 'Dapper young men & dainty young ladies'.     

Through using lace and beautiful fabrics I hope that in our label, parents find that they can make their little princess, the little lady that she deserves to be. And that through bow ties and suspenders, their little man is the dapper young fellow he can be. We understand that children are children, and that they should run around and have fun, though why can't they look good while doing it. So the products we create are still practical, yet look good and hopefully create that sense of grace, tradition and sophistication that comes with being a little lady or gentleman.

Posh Kids Magazine - Who is Beautiful•Button aimed at?
Beautiful Button - Our label, Beautiful•Button is generally aimed at parents who appreciate handmade but additionally for those who, as stated, would love their children to be that dainty young lady or dapper young man we would love them to be and hopefully that these clothes and accessories encourage.

Posh Kids Magazine - Where does the inspiration behind Beautiful•Button come from. How did the label come about?
Beautiful Button - Beautiful•Button started fairly organically as we had just had our second child, a little girl, and was wanting her to look nice with matching bows and dresses. Though without spending a fortune, we could not find what we were after. So we started sewing pieces for her and got so many compliments that we started selling to friends and then finally launched into 'business'.
The same was true for our little man, in that we go out a lot and he always wanted to look nice like daddy, so started sewing him bow ties so he felt dressed up. So the inspiration for the business came from our own two beautiful little buttons and the need for nice looking clothes and accessories that will help shape them into the little lady and little gentleman we would love our children to grow up to be.

Posh Kids Magazine - When did Beautiful•Button break on to the fashion scene. Was it a difficult journey. Did you have any idea of how successful Beautiful•Button had the potential to be?
Beautiful Button - Beautiful•Button has only been running now for around a year and it has been such an interesting but fun journey. We didn't initially set out with an end goal, it just naturally progressed and although our life is a little more chaotic now, we wouldn't change it at all. As a natural progression of finding out what we love, which is our family and being creative, our small online business for children's clothing and accessories, Beautiful•Button, was born.
We predominantly do all our marketing and promotion through our website and Instagram @beautiful.button and am so thankful for how social media has transformed small businesses and the potential for international exposure so readily. However, there can be a lot of downfalls for this platform so one must be wise in business, though the ease and exposure is second to none.  We are on a journey as we've never run a small business before and have had no training. We've made a lot of mistakes but have also learnt so much along the way; about our business and about ones self. It really is a journey, and truly believe that you are constantly learning and changing, both to stay relevant and contemporary but also to be able to better yourself and become better equipped to handle challenges and life in general.

Posh Kids Magazine - Is Beautiful•Button planning on extending their range in the future? What growth plans are forecast for the label?
Beautiful Button - We are definitely planning on extending our range and are currently working on our Autumn/Winter line for here in Australia. However, we will be keeping quite a number of pieces that are season less as we now have expanded to include shipping worldwide including the UK and U.S. and understand that it is now only just coming into Summer.
We are really excited for what 2016 has in store for Beautiful•Button and continue to love seeing pictures of babes from across the globe wearing our product. It really does make all of it so worthwhile. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

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Catriona Lamerique, Born in Manchester, England has always had an eye for Fashion. Growing up watching award shows and fashion shows always inspired her to one day work in the fashion industry. As a mum she is extremely humbled to be able to bring her love of both adult and child fashion together.

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