Inspired by contemporary modern trends and lifestyles, Adam and Louisa have taken to the stage and are combining couture with playful children’s wear. Based in the UK, this European brand is fashion-forward thinking and designs children’s clothes that are modern and high-end couture, while ensuring that each piece is made with high-quality fabrics and recyclable materials.

The creative director behind Adam and Louisa, B. Aranguiz, has designed the new AW18 collection, Polychromatic. She has over ten years of experience working in the fashion industry, and it shows as she designed sleek and sophisticated clothing that was inspired by the mix and matching of colors. There’s also the Capsule collection, which includes Camo sets that are bold and stand out among the dark prints of the other pieces, representing the contemporary, modern designs of the brand.

Adam and Louisa have also announced their SS19 collection, which they say will focus on more couture designs. The collection will include limited edition designs and utilize draped details and differing fabrics.

Adam and Louisa’s unique approach to children’s clothing truly turns their fashion into modern art.

You can check them out here: