Posh Kids Magazine: Who is  Caroline Bosmans and who is your brand aimed towards?
Caroline Bosmans: Behind the brand is Caroline Bosmans, mother of 4 kids and psychotherapist in a former life. The label focuses on parents who have taste for fashion and want to express the personality of their children. For fashionable kids with parents with guts.

Posh Kids Magazine: what makes ( C R L N B S M N S ) so unique?
Caroline Bosmans: ( C R L N B S M N S ) is a high-end label, made in Belgium, so quite expensive. I am constantly looking for new, refreshing high-end materials.

Posh Kids Magazine: What does  Caroline Bosmans bring to Kids fashion.
Caroline Bosmans: I am not a fan of stereotyping. I like to push the boundaries. I want a part of my collection to be gender neutral (because I hate the word unisex), pieces with a certain character. I try to transform things that cross my way, or the 'more adult themes', into kidswear. Kids are living on this earth and are part of our society. I don’t think it is necessary to expose them to everything, but we do not need to overprotect them. I try to make sure that they can fit in the current fashion scene without being offending. I think that a lot is possible, but it depends on the way you present it. I’m not a fan of birds and bees and childish drawings or colors on children's clothing. I want to be sure that I keep my own identity. I want to design what I like and I don’t want to go for the easy money… And kids deserve clothes to express their personality. Another important thing is making a collection, not just clothes. Every piece is a part of a complete story, picture. Every piece matches each other piece from the collection. I want every detail to be right. That’s why I work with a limited number of colors and design my own prints. I start every season all over again. Same signature, but totally different work. Humor is the most important thing I take into account.

Posh Kids Magazine: Where Do the motivations and inspirations for Caroline Bosmans brand come from?
I try to transform things that cross my way or the 'more adult themes' into kidswear. My 4 kids are my biggest inspiration.

Posh Kids Magazine: When did  Caroline Bosmans make a debut in to the fashion world.
Caroline Bosmans  ( C R L N B S M N S ) made an entrance in to the fashion world just in time for AW13|14 season.

Posh Kids Magazine: Is Caroline Bosmans Children's Fashion brand available worldwide?
Yes! We have retailers all over the world.

Posh Kids Magazine: What is your favorite piece from your latest collection?
My favorite pieces from our latest collections are all the printed pieces on the mesh fabric!

Visit Caroline Bosmans online: www.carolinebosmans.com

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