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Catimini is a brand that pushes creativity and designs to create playful kidswear with lots of character and personality. Their passion for creating designs that are imaginative, quirky, and unique are all part of giving kids the styles that they'll want to wear for a long time.

This Spring/Summer, there are 5 Collections to choose from to ensure that your kid's wardrobe perfectly represents them. Each collection includes items for kids and toddlers such as swimwear, jackets, and hoodies. Check out the collections below:

ESCAPE THE SUN - This is the chill and sporty collection for kids who like to wear clothes a bit on the darker side. Yellow, black, and blue make up most of the colors in this collection. These items give off a more casual flair while still being expressive with the bright yellows and creative character prints.


FLORAL FANTASY - Floral fantasy is exactly what it sounds like, there are flowers everywhere. The collection is themed around nice royal blue and fuschia items for girls like skirts, summer dresses, tees, and rain jackets. 


BRIGHT BLOSSOM - This collection is similar to Floral Fantasy but definitely edges on the more feminine side in its color palette and flower designs. The blossoms are perfect for spring and the light pinks and orange colors give it a fresh feel.


COASTAL GETAWAY - This collection would make great 4th of July outfits because it's all decked out in red, white, and blue. This is honestly my favorite of the collections because of the adorable character prints including a lobster, pelican, and more marine wildlife. The designs are absolutely beach and adventure worthy.


TROPICAL ADVENTURE - This collection's color palette is aqua and peachy colors. Palm trees and warm sweatshirts are great for feeling like they're on a tropical getaway.

All of these collections are available to check out in their boutiques and online:


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