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Cavelle Kids is a small indie online shop for adorable clothes for babies and little girls. The name comes from the Yiddish word Kvell, which means a feeling of indescribable pride and joy. All the pieces were designed and made with this in mind. For this fall season, there are cute and simple dresses of different colors, sweaters, leggings, and accessories that you can mix and match. The pieces are named after the daughters and friends of designer Jessica, showing how tight and loving the community surrounding this brand is. 

There are also selections for boys, including onesies, button-down shirts, trousers, sweaters, and vests. The sizes for all the items on the website vary and can go from 3m to 10 depending on the item. Some of the items, I particularly like are the:

Tatum Sweater: 

I love the color of this one and the cute knit pockets.

Caroline Dress: 

Seems great for a holiday dinner or event.

Some sizes are no longer available for some of the items as a heads up. This brand is great for people who want to find cute items and support a small business from right here in the USA. Check them out:


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