Leggings are quite the trend, one that shows no signs of declining anytime soon. With so many different leggings brands offering funky prints, top of the line quality, and even pockets, it can be difficult to find that one brand to fall in love with. I was lucky enough to stumble across a brand that was not only stylish, affordable, and comfy, but also allowed me to support a charity of my choice. Sounds too good to be true? Well, here's how Asher & Emery are Changing The World One Pair of Leggings At a Time.

From super cute Mommy & Me leggings to one-of-a-kind licensed character prints, you are sure to find a high-quality pair of leggings that you will not want to take off at "a fraction of the cost of other luxury brands." Being that the Asher & Emery brand is size-inclusive, you can find comfort in knowing that you can order leggings that are absolutely perfect for your frame. We haven't even gotten to the best part yet...

After shopping around and selecting a few fun leggings you are excited to show off, Asher & Emery gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. You get to choose where you would like Asher & Emery to donate a portion of your sale. How awesome is that? As they mentioned on their Instagram, they are all about "fashion that gives back."

To learn more about Asher & Emery, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also check out their line of products on their website.


Author: Briana Marie
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