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With Halloween officially over, the holiday season is now in full force! Christmas decorations and holiday deals are all abuzz and making people like me wonder whatever happened to Thanksgiving? But no worries, holiday shopping when it comes to clothes can work for any special occasion or family get-together. Enter Chasing Fireflies, an online retail store where you can get great formal outfits for your kids picked from great brands. 

Their picks are perfect for the holiday season. Whether you're planning for a family dinner, a night out, or a photo shoot for those holiday greeting cards, Chasing Fireflies has got you covered. Full of glitz and glamour, their girl's dresses are stylish and varied with different cuts and styles. The boy's suits are snazzy, and there are vests and sweaters for a more casual look. With many different accessories, you can shop the perfect look.

Check out some of their looks here:


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