The new collection from Dapper + Crown has been released. It’s a collection of linens that are comfy and casual, great for a summer day. All of these pieces are made in America and are durable and timeless in design.

Dapper + Crown is a brand that was created by a mom who wanted to create classic clothes that kids could wear everyday, clothes that could be passed down, and clothes that could hold memories.

Their new collection includes the Daisy Top, which has a kimono wrap design with oversized cap sleeves. The Della skirt, which is flowing and has pockets and can be easily paired with the Daisy Top. The Adaline, which is a cute summer dress that also has pockets. I’m a fan of any dress or skirt that comes with pockets. And last but not least, the Emilia, which is a simple, summer jumpsuit with contrasting shoulder straps and a bow. These designs are simple, fashionable, and great for the summer.

Check out the website and get more details on each piece:


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