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Whether you’re looking for a few items for your own baby, or looking for a gift for a new mom for her baby shower, the items from Donsje are adorable and comfortable and make great gifts. They offer things like clothes and hats and even mobiles, but their biggest draw is the creative shoes and accessories.


Made to fit toddlers up to 24 months, these shoes are absolutely adorable. They come in many different styles and animal themes that sure put a smile on my face; they’re sure to put a smile on your toddler’s. The accessories also go along with the animal theme, and include backpacks, small purses, and key chains. Some of their designs mimic fruits as well. There are plenty of designs to browse through.

Donsje is an Amsterdam based Dutch brand that ensures every product is handmade and comfortable. The brand gives back by donating part of its profits to the Shining Star school in Kenya; a school that the founder and designer of Donsje, Florentine, founded and built with the intention of helping children living in the slums get access to a good education.

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