Summertime is almost here! Which means it’s almost time for beaches, pools, picnics in the park, and soaking up the sun. Young children can comfortably enjoy all of these activities in wonderfully designed summer outfits by Harbour Clothing. Inspired by beaches on the Gulf Coast, these outfits are lightweight, simply designed, and made from 100% organic cotton. They come in light beachy colors such as light blue, pink, and sandy white.       

Created by Lissa Gunn, Harbour Clothing seeks to use environmental friendly fabrics to make dresses, booties, bloomers, and sunsuits that any infant or 5-year old will be happy and comfortable in. Make your child’s outfit even more special by getting it personally customized with their names stitched into the corners or on the back.           

Harbour Clothing cares about the comfort and care of children and furthers that by making sure that with every purchase, $1 is donated to help with foster care for children all over the U.S. So you can support foster care for children while picking out fashionable summer clothes for your child with Harbour Clothing.

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