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When Justin Bieber launched his fashion brand, The Drew House, fans had a lot to say about the prices. They also compared the looks and colors to paper bags and UPS delivery uniforms. And yet, that didn't stop people from buying out the entire collection.

The Drew House, taken after Bieber's middle name, was a collection of 14 streetwear items including t-shirts, corduroy pants, short, and hoodies. The beige color that had people talking made up most of the collection save for a few red and black items. A T-shirt goes for $48.00, while other items like a corduroy button-up, goes for $148.00.

The brand states that all of the items are "unisex, ethically made in Los Angeles, and 'garment washed and dyed,'...unique, just like you." Even though many people also compared it to Kanye West's Yeezy line for its similar beige look.

Despite the backlash from fans, after dropping it on Tuesday, the line sold out in a matter of hours. Clearly, some people were more than willing to get their hands on a Justin Bieber brand item. One person even bought one of everything.

Most people after buying couldn't believe they even made such a purchase. One person tweeted: " I just stupidly spent $176 on Justin Bieber's new clothing line."

This isn't new in the fashion world, especially when it comes to celebrity brands. Everyone wants to get their hands on a brand item not so much for the fashion and the piece itself, but for the name alone. What seems like a stupid, insignificant thing to do for most adults, is a once in a lifetime chance for teens and young adults to get a one-up on social standing. Everything is about the name and brand power, and kids eat that up.

So no matter how ugly, ridiculous, or overpriced an item is, if it has a celeb's name on it, you can bet it's going to be a hot item with fashion-conscious teens.


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