Posh Kids Magazine: Who is  KippCollection and Who is your brand aimed Towards?
KIPP Collection: KIPP™ is perfect for all micro fashion lovers. We offer a large size range for both boys and girls. Our KIPP™ Baby collection consists of selected pieces for infants and the younger set.

Posh Kids Magazine: What does  KippCollection bring to Kids fashion, What is your favorite garment from your latest collection?
KIPP Collection: We deliver very hip & high fashion looks that are still functional and very practical. For our SS16 collection we have quite a few favorites.
Our blue/grey "wave print" shirt is on top of the list. We love how it pairs well with jeans and to the entire palette of colors we offer in our crisp cotton slim fit shorts.

Posh Kids Magazine: Where Do  KippCollection motivations and inspirations  come from?
KIPP Collection: Inspiration starts with runway & color trends as we are constantly changing things up from season to season. My little ones are definitely the source of inspiration for my KIPP™.

Posh Kids Magazine: When did  KippCollection make an entrance  into the fashion world?
KIPP Collection: We are proud to celebrate our 6th year anniversary now!

Posh Kids Magazine: Is  KippCollection a Children's Fashion brand available worldwide?
KIPP Collection: Our international sales are expanding every day. We do have an international market, as well.

Visit Kipp Collection online: www.kippcollection.com/

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