Posh Kids Magazine: What is your favorite piece from your current collection?
Lili Collection: Our leather oxfords. I’m slightly obsessed with them. They are so soft and comfy. They can be dressed up or dressed down and really look great with everything. We’ve received a lot of inquiries from moms asking if we could make these in adult sizes so this is something we are looking into.
Posh Kids Magazine: What makes your brand stand out in Children's Fashion?
Lili Collection: Lili Collection is unique because we buy all our materials in NYC and all the shoes are handcrafted in NYC. I think this goes along way with consumers today. Our leather quality and selection is superior as well. I’m very hands on in this process which very few companies can say. Every piece of leather is so different from the look, feel and flaws and I like to ensure I’m receiving the best. Beyond the quality, is our range of color. I’m a girly girl that loves color and it shows in my line.
Posh Kids Magazine: Why did you choose to design for children?
Lili Collection: It all started with my son Liam. My husband and I really struggled with shoes for him.  We were disappointed by the fit, the feel, the quality and how few were Made In the USA. So, I decided to take sewing lessons to make my own shoes for him. It started with moccasins which then turned into our Animoccs (a Trademark to Lili Collection) and a whole host of fun unique Moccasins. As he grew out of his moccasins, we ran into the same problem with hard-sole shoes. This time it was more about the shoes leaving marks and blisters on his feet. I wanted something fashionable, comfortable, versatile, easy to put and something he could run around in at the playground, so we designed the oxfords and loafers for him. Although oxfords and loafers have been around a long time, ours are unique because they are soft and made with genuine leather.
Posh Kids Magazine: What is the most important thing to consider when designing for children?
Lili Collection: Comfort and easibility. If it doesn’t fit or feel good, a parent is not going to like or buy it.

Posh Kids Magazine: What are the motivations or inspirations behind your brand?
Lili Collection: My son is my inspiration. We love fashion in our house but we also know the winning combination is fashion and comfort. The feedback and images I receive from moms keep me motivated. As soon as we created the oxfords and loafers, I knew instantly we had created something great. Something that filled a void. I’m a big believer in having one statement piece with your look, and I feel my shoes are often that for people.

Posh Kids Magazine: What makes you so passionate about children fashion specifically rather than adult?
Lili Collection: I love Children’s fashion because in one simple outfit you get a glimpse at the child’s personality. Whether it says, wild child, free spirit, Mr preppy, GQ, rocker…
Children’s fashion has evolved so much. There are so many great designers, from Etsy-makers, to small shops, to handmade all the way up to high-end labels. There are so many avenues now to find great style for little ones and at any price point. I feel more consumers today are finding fashion and looks from social media, particularly Instagram. They see something they like and they can go to that shop and instantly buy it. It’s really a phenomenon.

Find More of Lili Collections online: www.lilicollection.com/

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Catriona Lamerique, Born in Manchester, England has always had an eye for Fashion. Growing up watching award shows and fashion shows always inspired her to one day work in the fashion industry. As a mum she is extremely humbled to be able to bring her love of both adult and child fashion together.

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