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Most parents are usually troubled by their children’s refusal to wear eyeglasses. This often happens because kids find the eyeglasses to be uncomplimentary to their little faces, which can make them, feel unattractive or not fashionable. However, eyeglasses simply fail to compliment the facial features because we don’t select the appropriate shape that will best suit their particular faces. The most important thing for a parent to do during this process is make your children feel secure and feeling stylish and trendy!

Three key points to consider when you are picking a particular frame for your child or children.

  1. The shape of the eyeglass frame must be in contrast with your kid’s facial shape.
  2. The size of the eyeglass frame must be perfectly in scale with the size of the face.
  3. The color of the eyeglass frame must reflect the personal features of the wearer.

But don’t fret, check out these amazing new glasses we have from Little Spectacles! Brooklyn base brand, Brooklyn Spectacles makes the best trend driven glasses, from awesome faux wood to clear acetate, AND NOW they have introduced a collection of mini glasses for your tot in all of the same amazing styles. Now your little one can be as trendy as you!


All kid’s glasses retail for $155.


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