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A Swedish brand based in Stockholm, Mini Rodini has been praised for its ethical approach to children’s fashion and can be found in high-end stores to local department stores all around the world. Its founder and illustrator, Cassandra Rhodin, created the brand in 2006 and since then, it has grown exponentially. The playfulness and creative nature of children inspired all the pieces and are meant to be fun and stylish.

So what makes them so unique? Their Spring-Summer 2018 collection is almost entirely covered in donkeys, horses, and veggies.

They also recycled harmful fishnets, ocean waste, and bottles to make swimsuits and jackets. A huge part of Mini Rodini’s mission is to give back to the earth by using 100% sustainable materials and organic cotton.

Their recent pre-autumn 2018 collection, Space Odyssey, is covered in cats and ufos! The use of the creative characters in almost all of their pieces makes for unique and fun collections.

They have plenty of pieces that aren’t covered in animals or veggies if you’re into simpler, classic looks, but I find the collections to be creative and charming. Their mission for sustainability and environmental conservation is admirable. One of their other missions is to make sure that their workers at their sewing units get a living wage instead of a minimum. They ensure that their pieces are long lasting, and made for kids no matter what gender or age and can be a unique, fun item in anyone’s closet. You can browse and find out more about their brand at

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