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Families and kids celebrated NBA All-star weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina by going to the Rookie USA Fashion Show. Rookie USA, a children's retail brand showcased some of the top looks in children's athletic wear. Some of the cuties walking down the runway were celebrity kids, making their parents proud and stunning people with their natural ability to take the spotlight. 

Celebs that were there included, basketball stars Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul, P.Diddy's daughters, former baseball player Carlos Beltran, Former NFL Panthers player Thomas Davis, and many more NFL stars and their families. The stylish kids walked down the runway in brands like Converse, Nike, Jordan, and Levi's. 

Russell Westbrook and his 1-year old son, Noah, walked down the runway together making audiences go crazy in adoration.

P.Diddy's daughters also walked and showed how well they knew how to work a crowd. 

 (one of P.Diddy's daughters walking a younger model down the walk)

Kids danced downed the walkway, blowing kisses and striking poses. And of course, where there are kids dancing, iconic Fortnite dances are never far. 

The show ended with an adorable final walk down the runway with kids taking their last opportunity to blow one last kiss, or rock one last dance. Stars were excited and proud to watch their kids and expressed how happy they were to be able to share a moment like this with them. 


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