Researchers say that kids ages 3-5 should be active throughout the day, while kids 6 and over should get at least an hour or more daily. Getting little kids to get out and play rarely requires any hassle or dragging out the door. But for older kids who would rather be inside watching tv, reading, or engaged with their screens, it can feel a little like pulling teeth trying to get them to go outside. Oomphies are a new line of children's shoes that might entice your kids to want to go out and show em' off!

Oomphies come in all types of colors and designs. They have hard rubber soles that are durable and easy to clean for all types of active play your kids might get into. One of the most important aspects of these shoes is that they're super comfortable. Oomphies puts comfort and quality over everything to ensure that kids don't sacrifice comfort over fashion. You don't have to sacrifice quality for affordable prices either, ranging from $30 and under, making it easier on parents. 

Oomphies is part of the LAMO brand, known for their high quality, and comfortable items. The styles range from high-tops to boots, from straps to laces, with a wide range of sizes. You can check out their styles here: Or look for their brand at retail stores like Dillard's, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom. Preview some styles below:








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