How important is it for Mummymoon to keep up with changing fashion trends?
Mummy Moon ~ Mostly it is a common style of mummymoon which took time to be discovered, so the trends fills about 20% of collection. We currently have a clear MUMMYMOON way.

How does it feel when you see a child wearing a piece from Mummy Moon brand?
We are always looking forward for the photos with the kid wearing mummymoon. This is the best assessment when you actually can see how does it looks like and how does the kid feels wearing it. Though mummymoon brand is higher class and design but we are always thinking about child freedom of movement. So we are working with the best sewing team in Lithuania and we are measuring each millimetre for separate children age group. We are asking them about ability to move and so on. I would say, that we are a slow fashion brand, because we always do our maximum to get the final style and seeking for a perfection is never ending.

What are the highlights of the MummyMoon Spring 2016 collection?
Mummymoon SS16 collection is very constructive and specifically style. You can see minimum of trends and much more of minimalist architecture senses. So this collection is devoted to mother which is interested in the broader winds and which wants to search for and always discover something new. We are looking for these moms! We don't want to to be attractive to all. We want to be THE BRAND world exclusivity.

Why are you specifically passionate about children's fashion rather than adult fashion?
Actual children fashion launched just a few years ago. It's marvellous to grow as a brand and to propose new fashion waves all over the World. Jar is full of jam in adult fashion, so I decided to play with fashion for children. Everything is new there and you can do much more. The most fascinating thing is to experiment, cause wherever you go there you can get a response.

Where do you find brand inspiration for Mummymoon?
The biggest inspiration is the time when you can be alone. Whereas I'm expecting my fourth child and even I'm extra working with commercials and movies as a stylist, so naturally sometimes I need silence and loneliness. The daily loneliness brings me to the voice from heaven with whom I'm working most. When you are not trapped to create something in time then you a THE LUCKY ONE person to feel amazing moment of creativity. Of course I'm following the latest trends but only in adult fashion. Sometimes you can find inspiration in abstract painting, sometimes you can see more things in empty thing or empty space. You can find the shadows or new forms to build something new. Thus, creativity is everywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open.

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Catriona Lamerique, Born in Manchester, England has always had an eye for Fashion. Growing up watching award shows and fashion shows always inspired her to one day work in the fashion industry. As a mum she is extremely humbled to be able to bring her love of both adult and child fashion together.

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