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Jean and June is a small children’s fashion brand that specialize in spunky graphic tees with witty sayings printed on them. Founded by Blake Alfstad, a mother of two children whom the brand is named after, wanted to create graphic tees that were unisex and playful in nature. Every piece is made in Los Angeles and custom designed by her and hand printed with baby-safe, nontoxic ink. The fabric is made with organic cotton and is guaranteed to stay the same even after multiple washes.

Currently, their selection is small but what you’ll find on their online store are onesies, grey and white tees with sayings such as “Hey Ma,” “Más Leche,” and my favorite, “Tiny Girl Gang.”

My only issues are that if you’re looking for colorful items, you won’t find them here. And the items are a bit pricey. But these items are meant to be simple and cool and do come in good quality fabric. And most importantly, shipping is absolutely free! So if you’re looking for a simple, unisex cute tee for your newborn or toddler, check them out. They also have tees for women so that mothers can match with their little one. They will be restocking their collection on June 14th.

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Check out their Instagram: @jeanandjune


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