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Rondinella is a shoe brand from Italy that has been making children’s shoes since 1936. They’ve built up three generations of expertise in fun, luxurious, shoes and sneakers for kids that allow them to play while looking cool. Their shoes are made up of the best quality materials, and are made comfortable for kids and their postures.

Their Summer Collection includes sandals and sneakers with interesting decals like flames, and bold colors that harken back to a pop art style. There are a variety of lace-ups, Velcro straps, and buckles. They also have special sneakers for their original characters called Muso. These characters are creatively designed and make the sneakers some of the more innovative sneakers I’ve seen with the type of colors and fabrics being used. Each character has their own name and characteristics that add an extra layer of fun to each sneaker. You can browse their collection here:

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