Time flies nowadays, so back to school season is going to creep up on us before we know it. Skechers has already released and launched their new sneaker styles for back to school and they’re pretty dang cool.

First off we have S Lights: Luminators. These sneakers come with lights within the mesh fabric giving off an effect of the whole shoe lighting up. They light up in 7 different colors and flash sequences that can all be controlled and turned on and off with a button on the tongue of the shoe.

Then there are new high tops, Swipe Lights E-Pro- Street Quest and Energy Lights E-Pro – Reflecti-Fab. These sneakers light up at the base of the shoe and can also be controlled by a button on the tongue of the shoe.

And last but not least, the new Skechers character addition, Power Strap. Power Strap: Pulverizer shoes don’t have laces and can easily be strapped on for kids who have problems with laces. They’re durable and comfortable, and most importantly, they stay on throughout all the action kids get up to!

The light-up shoes are all rechargeable and go from $60 to $75. All these sneakers can be found on the Skechers website, skechers.com, or in shoe retailers across the country. Be sure to check them out if you have a Skechers fan in your home.

S Lights: Luminators:


E-Pro High Tops:


Power Strap:


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