We all enjoy a good pair of sunglasses, including kids. Sons & Daughters has a new, great collection of children’s eyewear for spring and summer. Kids can be protected from harmful UV light and look cool while rocking new shades.

Sons & Daughters eyewear is split between a Classic collection, which is inspired by timeless looks and iconic, classic designs, and the Studio collection, which is playful and fashion-forward, made with durable material for the antics of children’s play.

The brand was founded in 2011 by Shiva Shabani and Calvin Yu and was inspired by the “unbridled spirit, passion, and unlimited potential” of the younger generation. Their sunglasses are made of the finest hand-made materials and lenses to ensure that they provide 100% UV protection and the quality that you would find for adult sunglasses. Check them out on their online store here: wearesonsanddaughters.com, or find them in retailers around the world.


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