For those long nights at parties or weddings, having a good pair of flats could be the difference between a good time, and sore blisters. Even self-claimed professional heel wearers need a pair of flats sometimes. Each pair of Talaria flats is foldable and is paired with a matching clutch bag to carry around comfortably.  They’re easy to move around in and are guaranteed not to slip and slid around with their anti-skid rubber soles.

Now moms and kids can match as they just recently released a new collection of Talaria Littles for young toddlers and teens that are just as elegant and functional as their adult flats. For the really young ones, the flats are specially cushioned and made with early walking in mind. The shoes are a soft champagne color and just a bit sparkly to fit in with any wardrobe, whether it’s casual or formal. Clutch bags that come with the flats can be customized and personalized, and the flats can be ordered in bulk for special occasions like for bridesmaids and flower girls.

Perfect for cute and comfortable nights, check out their collection at and see whether they’re the right fit. Pun definitely intended.

Sara Gonzalez
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