Posh Kids Magazine: Love your bedding,whats the inspiration behind the face?
Tellkiddo: When our first born was approx 3 months old I created the face for him to look at. New born babies see contrast, black and white, very well so it was very inspiring to create with him around me staring and giggling to my creations.

Posh Kids Magazine:  I love that my daughter cant tell what it is,she just finds it adorable,can u explain?
Tellkiddo: I think it goes hand in hand with my experience with my own child. He just love all the small cute characters and he is more or less my inspiration to them.

Posh Kids Magazine: Can we look forward to any new nursery designs?
Tellkiddo: I have so manny new designs and products in my head, can’t wait to show you whats coming! I always try to engage my supporters via Instagram. I own my brand legally but Tellkiddo is a brand based on parents and children wishes and insights.

Posh Kids Magazine: ABC poster is a super adorable, a nice print for any toddler wall,any new designs in the works?
Tellkiddo: We always try to create posters that can work with our bags or beddings. So it might be some more prints added but this is not our main focus at the moment.

Posh Kids Magazine: Are all your items ECO friendly?
Tellkiddo: YES! Our paper bags are made from recycled paper and our fabric bags and beddings are ÖKO-tex certified cotton, Eco friendly and safe for kids are whats important to us.

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Author: Nadia Chen
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