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The Barcelona-based brand, Bobo Choses, develops a new creative concept each season. They create a story and pair it up with fashionable clothes and a children's book for parents to read with their kids. This season it's The Happysads.

The Happysads are a rock band that sings about their contradictory feelings and roller coaster emotions. Something that a lot of kids and even parents can relate to. The clothes that come with the concept are vintage inspired and made with organic cotton. The collection is made up of sweaters, cardigans, and dresses that are colorful and display charming illustrations, prints, and characters made especially for The Happysads campaign.

They also created a picture book that pairs with The Happysads that parents can read with their kids. The Happysads collection is all about mix and matching and combining in a pure child-like way. You can see more here:


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