Walmart is stepping up its retail game and finally getting into the subscription box service. It's no secret that retail stores have been struggling to keep up with today's buyer environment where more and more people are choosing to shop online. Walmart is going to combat that by partnering with Kidbox to offer kid's clothing that will come straight to your door. This will be Walmart's first attempt in this kind of business and they've decided to go with kid's clothing first. 

So what is Kidbox? It's what you'd expect a subscription box service to be. You take a quiz so that the stylists can get to know your kid's style better, then they handpick 4-5 premium items that match what they like. Your kids get to try them on and pick out their favorites and you pay for what you keep. Getting kid's clothes like this is super simple and easy, and since it's tailored to what they like, there's no tugging and fussing at the store. 

Walmart's collaboration gets you 4-5 items for $48. the kid sizes go from 0-14 and shipping is entirely free. Kidbox also believes in giving back, that's why for every box kept, they donate to a child in need.  Some of the brands included in these boxes are Guess, Miniville, Andy & Evan, Beetle&Thread, Chick Pea, Adidas, Madonna's Material Girl, and many more. You can check out these boxes here. With Gap having once tested a subscription box for kids and Stitch Fix and Rent the Runway opening up services for kids, it seems like more and more companies are jumping on the rental and subscription service to compete with retail giant, Amazon. 


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