Posh Kids Magazine: Who is Zoey & Logan's Audience?   

Zoey & Logan: Zoey & Logan is for new parents who enjoy living a truly hybrid lifestyle. Making the most of every opportunity to pursue their passions and taking the time to break away to spend valuable family time with their little ones. Zoey & Logan parents understand that play is important in helping their little ones learn and develop into who they want to be; little adventurers, explorers and innovators. Zoey & Logan is all about raising up your children in the way that they should go. We create naturally timeless and practical baby & kid’s apparel that reflects the balance between suburban/city life and their adventurous outdoor side.

Posh Kids Magazine: What makes Zoey & Logan unique In the Kids fashion world?
Zoey & Logan: Zoey & Logan is a brand focused on adventure and encouraging the inner uniqueness of each child to shine. We know trends are important to fashion, but we take our inspiration from the natural world; timeless, flawless and wonderfully made. Each child should be able to explore and discover themselves. Children need to learn, and we need to let them. That’s why Zoey & Logan clothing is designed to encourage outdoor exploration and look adorable while doing it. We design our items to last and you can tell by our fabric choices and stitching. Each piece has an element of uniqueness to it and because we hand make each item, we spend a lot of focused attention ensuring it’s made to a really high standard. With nature in mind we always try to make sure our impact in the world is a positive one. Wherever possible, our fabrics are ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and sustainable. We aim to have each and every item we offer be fairly traded and organic with a low carbon footprint and we are trying a little harder every day to make our Zoey & Logan products better in that way. We are very mindful of the environmental impact fast fashion is having on this world and we want our children to be able to use and reuse our products as much as possible, for as long as possible. 

Posh Kids Magazine: Where does the inspiration behind Zoey & Logan come from?
Zoey & Logan: Zoey & Logan was born out of what can only be described as one of my greatest life experiences. Working as an Au-Pair for two beautiful little babies. I spent my days with them as little newborns until they were fully fledged wonderful little toddlers and I was constantly drawn to the clothing they were wearing. As a keen outdoorswoman, most of the activities I did with the kids were outdoors whether it involved crafting, exploring, playing, teaching or learning bird names. I started learning to sew soon after and decided I would try and create functional pieces that were beautiful and playful and inspired by nature. As for the name Zoey & Logan, my husband and I came up with the name, as you do, when discussing what we would one day call our future children. We couldn’t think of anything better to name something so close to our passions.

Posh Kids Magazine: When did Zoey & Logan make its big appearance in to kids fashion.
Zoey & Logan: Zoey & Logan officially launched an online store in September 2015 and it has been an amazing journey ever since. We had been working on Zoey & Logan full time since February 2015 but the reality is brainstorming and planning had been happening since 2014. It was definitely not an easy journey to say the least, facing a lot of new challenges and learning a lot along the way. We decided that if Zoey & Logan was going to happen I would have to learn how to: develop a website, design, brand, market and well everything else in the business. In order to grow as a business I needed to understand and know how to do everything “in-house”. After a few months I found that every new challenge was a fresh opportunity to learn a new skill. It was the best decision I could have made because although it put a slight delay on things, I’m in a great position now to handle everything. I’m constantly learning and even with a degree in Finance and Marketing I am still learning how much I’m yet to learn. I think you always imagine your business to be successful, otherwise you wouldn’t pursue it. I have definitely learnt over the past year that success is measured differently at different times during a business’s lifetime. I do believe Zoey & Logan has the potential to be successful and I can’t wait to see it grow beyond my expectations and develop into a brand that can do more than I ever thought it would.

Posh Kids Magazine: Is Zoey & Logan planning on expanding. what our your hopes for Zoey & Logan Over the Next few years?
Zoey & Logan: Definitely! We’re already planning on extending our ranges and are in the process of creating our own fabric designs exclusively for Zoey & Logan products that are ethically sourced from locally grown or organically grown cotton. We are also planning on expanding our apparel and accessories into a toddler, then into a kid’s line. We have some new original ideas we’re brainstorming and developing but we can’t say too much about those right now, you’ll have to follow along and see what they are when we launch them! Our hope is to make Zoey & Logan something that has the ability to make a positive impact and we’re ready for whatever opportunities come our way.

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