Thanksgiving is a little more than a week away and if you're going to be the one preparing dinner, it can be super stressful thinking about spending the day in the kitchen. You may initially want to keep the kids out of the kitchen, but it's always more fun when you can get them involved with the Thanksgiving dinner. It's a great way to get them excited for the dinner, help them feel accomplished knowing they had a hand in preparation, and creates great memories! It also doesn't hurt to have a few little hands helping out either. Here are a few easy and great ideas for recipes that kids can help make!

1. Pumpkin Pie  (photo and recipes from Pillsbury and Highlights)

A staple for classic Thanksgiving dinners and it's as easy as mixing ingredients together. Kids will like measuring out the ingredients and mixing it all up: Pillsbury Pumpkin Pie. Here's a no-bake recipe that kids can do all by themselves: No Bake Pumpkin Pie

2. Apple Pie Bites  (Photo and recipe from The Blond Cook)

Maybe pumpkin pie isn't your thing, but everyone likes a good slice of apple pie right? These are quick and easy, and contains all the joy and flavor of an apple pie without the mess: Apple Pie Bites.

3. Get Creative with Rice Krispie Treats!  (Photos and recipes from Cooking Classy and Crayons and Cravings)

Take the classic recipe for rice krispie treats and make interesting shapes with them. Pumpkins, turkeys, and funny faces are only a few of the cool things you can make out of rice krispie treats. Don't forget the food coloring! Here are recipes to get you brainstorming: Pumpkin Rice TreatRice Krispie Turkey Treats.

4. Handprint Turkey Cookies  (Photo and recipe from Somewhat Simple)

It's those paper cut out turkeys, but this time they're edible sugar cookies! Perfect for kids who like to make things personal: Handprint Turkey Cookies

5. Homemade Biscuits and Muffins  (Photo and recipes from Kidstir and The Worktop)

Muffins and biscuits are not difficult to make at all. And they make great classic treats too: Buttery Biscuits, Toddler Muffins

Don't be afraid to change up the recipes to fit in with what you have and what you like! Make sure that this Thanksgiving is one you and your kids will remember and have fun preparing!


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