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This Christmas break, we stayed at home and entertained our family and friends. Which meant wild eating patterns, large consumptions of cookies and very late bedtimes. I decided to end our party-fest with a family ritual I began a number of years ago: The writing of the New Year's Resolution.

Generally, I cringe at that word... it brings me personally back to making ridiculously impossible lists I then "fail" to achieve. But luckily my kids have no bad history. I can make this as positive as I want it to be.

The four of us sat around the table with paper and a pen. I first asked everyone to list their favorite moments of the year. After everyone shared their list, I told them to write their dreams down...both long and short term. Then I told them to write down the steps to achieve it. I was a little worried they would get stuck on this part but at 11 1/2 and 14, they had this.

We took turns reading them out loud. I called it our To Do Dream/Action plan and everyone hung it up in their rooms. It's January 2nd and both kids are pursuing their dreams today along with their homework. My son, in particular, was moved by this; he did personal research on a project he has big plans for.

So what are your thoughts? Is this all unnecessary and kids should just be kids? Or is this something that will stay and then aid them as adults? Please leave comments below if your family has your own version. And yes I did set mine too...typical health-related ones, as well as a few far-reach ones. I hope all your dreams come true. Happy 2019!


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