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   Winter is coming, it’s snowing, and outdoor sports need to be held off ‘til spring or do they? Court 16 is an indoor tennis club in Brooklyn, New York specifically designed for kids to come and have fun, and learn a new sport. If your kids are bored with staying inside this holiday season, don’t worry; there is a place for them to learn something new and get some fun, healthy exercise. Court 16 holds a special Holiday Camp for kids looking to gain an enriching experience. Kids will participate in not only tennis, but also other activities ranging from dodgeball, free-play to arts and crafts, and even opportunities to listen to inspirational guest speakers. There is plenty to do here at Court 16.

   The Holiday Camp is geared towards children ages 4 to 10, with kids being grouped by age, six kids to one coach. This will ensure that kids get all the attention that they need and won’t be left by the sidelines to watch the “good” kids play. Court 16’s mission is to boost self-confidence and social skills with teamwork. This is a safe space for your child to grow and refine their motor skills and make friends, without the fear of being left in the dust. Court 16 promises to teach strong technique, balance and speed, and most of all, a love for the sport.

    Of course, there’s the issue of how to get involved. While you don’t need a membership to participate in the camp, many of the activities and perks outside of the Holiday Camp are only available to members. Not to mention that members get 16% off on all camps. With multiple courts made to fit their size and skill level, this seems like a fun way to get into tennis. Their winter camps start in December, with one-day camps starting Election Day. They offer the option to opt for a full day of camp or a half-day of camp for the season. Outside of the Holiday Camp, parents reap the benefits of a membership as well, with classes for fitness training, and the option to rent a court for themselves. Depending on your situation and interests, a membership might just be worth it. Check out the website for more details:

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